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Public Call for grants announced

Public Call for grants announced

May 8, 2015

On May 8, 2015, the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia announced the Public Call for Grants for theconstruction of biomass/biogas fired combined heat and power (CHP) facilities. The Call will be opened by October 15, 2015.

The aim of the Call is supporting the investors to construct up to eight biomass/biogas CHP facilities. The funding for the realisation of the Call in the total value of 1.6 million USD is provided by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Project “Reducing Barriers to accelerate the Development of Biomass Markets in Serbia”.

The objective of this Project, realised within the international cooperation of the Republic of Serbia, the United Nations Development Programme, the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, is sustainable use of energy through the diversification of its sources, while the implementation of this call will be a big step towards the development of biomass market in the Republic of Serbia and its use for generating energy.

This Public Call is open to all companies, cooperatives and physical persons performing the registered economic activity (entrepreneurs and agricultural estates) who are of majority private or cooperative ownership, fulfill the requirements for construction of combined heat and power generation plants which shall use biomass as the primary energy source as defined by the law regulating the energy sector, have secured a bank loan for the construction of the plant and meet other requirements of the Grant Call. The total value of the investment in the CHP plant shall be no less than 1,200,000.00 USD.

The Grants will be realised under the following rules:

Description – rule

Value of investment [USD]

Amount of grant

Total budget for award of grants

1,600,000 USD

The general rule for all selected projects

1,200,000 – 1,773,333


The general rule for all selected projects

> 1,773,333

266,000 USD

Minimum amount of grant that can be paid to the lowest ranked selected project

> 160,000 USD

The complete Public Call information and documents can be found at the following link:

Public call and Documents