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Meeting held of the Biomass Support Unit in its extended composition

Meeting held of the Biomass Support Unit in its extended composition

On 21 March 2016 in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce a meeting was held of the Biomass Support Unit in its extended composition. Apart from the standing members coming from the ranks of the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the meeting was attended by representative of other project partners: the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, and the Regional Development Agency Srem. The meeting was organized by the UNDP. The purpose of the meeting was to present project activities implemented during the preceding quarter and to define an indicative plan of activities for the forthcoming period.

Within the meeting, Srđan Bošković from company Videonet presented the work done so far regarding the making of the film on the construction of the biogas-fired combined heat and power plant (CHP) for which the investors received a grant on the basis of the public call implemented last year by the Ministry of Mining and Energy. The grants were provided within the UNDP/GEF project. It is planned to produce two films, one which is to be shorter, of about 3-5 minutes, and another which is to be longer and lasting 15-20 minutes. Both films are to be in the Serbian and the English language. The deadline for their production is 1 April 2017, but having in mind the dynamics of constructing the plants the films will probably be completed by the end of 2016. Srđan Bošković presented the scenario for both films and showed some footing recorded so far.

Zoran Kapor, director of company GFA South-East Europe, reported on results achieved so far on developing the model contract for long-term biomass supply. Zoran Kapor also presented a five-member team of experts engaged on the project and emphasized that the project includes the development of a detailed Wood Biomass Product Catalogue and the Agricultural Biomass Product Catalogue, including also specifications of biomass and the manner of quality verification, as well as five model contracts, three of which refer to wood biomass and two to agricultural biomass. The Catalogues are intended to be used for the purpose of direct negotiations for biomass trading via the web portal which is being developed in cooperation between the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the of UNDP. It was also noted that in the development of the model contract, in consultations with banks, the banking requirements have been taken into consideration in order to enable the model contracts to be used as security in approving loans to investors.

The next presentation was by Ljubinko Savić, Secretary of the Association for Energy and Mining within the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, regarding the web portal „Green Energy“, and the role of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in developing and editing the portal. The portal is expected to have a complex structure and to consist of seven segments covering all renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. It was stressed that the segments on biomass and energy efficiency are directly supported by the two UNDP/GEF projects in which the SCC is engaged as a partner. The presentation explained in detail the innovative feature of the biomass e-trading platform which is to be launched for test operation by the end of June 2016. Ljubinko Savić emphasized that the Terms of reference stated that the SCC through the business plan of the portal shall define the portal’s sustainability and that work is currently underway to define advertizing policies and electronic trading of biomass, as this activity is to provide the majority of revenues for the portal.

Within the next item on the agenda Miodrag Gluščević, head of the Department for Utility and Urban Planning and Environmental Protection within the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, explained that the SCTM is very active in promoting the project, noting that project promotion activities happen during the regular meetings of committees and meetings the network of municipal commissioners. Due to the recent elections, other project activities will move on as of June 2016. Milan Mirić, Director of the Regional Development Agency Srem informed the meeting that apart from regular communication with the media, there is also an inter-municipal working group consisting of experts in this field who are developing and implementing projects in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The discussion of the plan for activities during the next quarter covered issues related to the organization of study visits to construction sites of CHP plants, development of methodology for monitoring the quantities of generated energy and heat in CHP plants and monitoring of other benefits resulting from the project.