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Workshops for Preparation and Financing of Renewable Energy Projects in Agriculture

Workshops for Preparation and Financing of Renewable Energy Projects in Agriculture

In order to strengthen capacities of farmers involved or interested in the IPARD programme, the UNDP Project organized one-day workshops for owners of agricultural holdings and representatives of Agricultural Advisory and Professional Services and local self-government units gravitating to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pančevo, Ruma, Kruševac, and Niš. The workshops were held in the period form 20 May to 5 June 2018. The topic of the workshops was “Preparation and financing of projects of energy generation from renewable energy sources at agricultural holdings”.

The workshops were organized by the UNDP Project team and experts from the consulting agency “Energy Saving Group”. The focus of the workshops was on projects for utilization of biomass and solar energy in agriculture. The topic was treated through the following chapters: national policy and the legislative framework in the area of renewable energy, technical solutions for energy generation in agriculture, project costs, steps in project development and contracting, provision of finances (funds, loans, etc.), and technical and financial project management.

Particular attention was be paid to the possibility of using the EU IPARD II Programme. This is the pre-accession instrument for Serbia in the area of rural development for the programme period 2014- 2020, intended for the purpose of reaching European standards in the areas of hygiene, food safety, veterinarian medicine, and environmental protection, as well as diversification of rural economy, and upgrading of competitiveness of agricultural production.

The Programme is implemented through allocation of grants for support and establishment of sub-contractor groups, rural infrastructure, training, including Professional services, agro-environmental schemes, as well as local initiatives. The programme also features incentives for investments in use of renewable energy sources at agricultural holdings.