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Practical Classes on the Site of a CHP Plant in Alibunar Organised for Students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

Practical Classes on the Site of a CHP Plant in Alibunar Organised for Students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

On Thursday, 22 November 2018, another round of practical classes on the site of a CHP plant in Alibunar was organised for the students of the final year at the Thermal Engineering Department and Internal Combustion Engines Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. Students visited a combined heat and power (CHP) generation plant whose construction was financially supported by UNDP/GEF project “Reducing Barriers to Accelerate the Development of Biomass Markets in Serbia”. Director Danko Vuković greeted the students on behalf of the owner of the plant, Bioenergy company.

The visit included practical classes where students could see the combined production of heat and power, as an upgrade to the lectures they attended so far. Nikola Rakašćan, Chief technologist and professor Todor Janjić, professor at the Department for Agricultural Engineering of the Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Novi Sad presented the details of the production process. Students had an opportunity to learn about the entire process of energy generation from biogas, starting with the collection and storage of feedstock, through preparation and fermentation to the combustion of biogas in internal combustion engines and the generation of heat and power. Professor Dragan Knežević from the Engines Department of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Belgrade delivered practical classes on biogas internal combustion engines and explained the details of their construction and performance.

After the visit students attended three additional lectures at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. Professor Todor Janjić gave a lecture on biogas production technology, while professor Dragan Knežević delivered a lecture on the specifics of biogas engines operation.  Professor Milos Banjac, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Mining and Energy and National Director of UNDP/GEF project gave a lecture on political and legislative framework and national goals in the field of renewable energy sources providing students with a wider picture of the significance of these facilities for the energy sector in Serbia.

More practical classes on the sites of biogas plants for students of relevant faculties in Novi Sad will be organised in spring next year.