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Project Partners

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia advocates the interest of economy, commerce and industry to the Government of the Republic of Serbia and other public bodies and institutions. It improves economic cooperation with international actors and promotes Serbia and Serbian economy in the country, the region and the world. The Chamber supports domestic and foreign companies through consultation and intermediation, and deals in business education for strengthening the competitiveness of domestic economy.

The Chamber, which hosts the office of the project ‘Reducing Barriers to accelerate the Development of Biomass Markets in Serbia’, will participate in the implementation of a series of activities planned by the project.

The Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia

The Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia is the alliance of towns and municipalities and the gathering point for considering common issues and problems, as well as formulating and presenting common interests of local self-government units. The Standing Conference enables advocating of local governments’ interests and lobbying with the national authorities in the process of defining strategic directions and designing the regulations of significance for local self-government, along with the exchange of opinion, knowledge and best practices in local self-government work.

The mission of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia is to advocate the interests, enables high-quality services and supports the development and improvement of local self-government through common action of its members, and in line with European standards.

The Institute for Standardisation of Serbia (ISS)

The Institute for Standardisation of Serbia is the only recognised national body for standardisation the Republic of Serbia whose founder is the Government of Serbia. The Institute designs, develops, reviews, modifies, amends and withdraws Serbian standards and related documents, ensures compliance of Serbian standards and related documents with the European and international standards and related documents, and deals in numerous issues related to standardisation.

Several Technical Committees for standards and related documents working within the ISS monitor the work of relevant Technical Committees of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). These committees have a key role in taking over and translating the standards. They also actively participate in defining and preparing adequate technical regulations.

Since the project comprises the activities of harmonising domestic standards and technical regulations in biomass with relevant EU standards and regulatory framework, the role of the Institute in the project is very important.

The Regional Development Agency of Srem

The Regional Development Agency of Srem was founded for the area of the Srem District. Its key activities are related to establishing and promotion of active regional development policy, in the public interest of the citizens, private sector representatives and institutions at the territory of Srem. Some of its activities are: preparation of regional development programmes and action plans for Srem, support for the development of skills and relevant qualifications for the needs of the employees, support to the competitiveness of the companies in the region, and international, cross-border and intermunicipal cooperation.

The Municipality of Alibunar

Alibunar Municipality is situated in Vojvodina, in South Banat. It consists of 10 settlements and its administrative and economic centre is Alibunar. Aware of the wealth of its resources, both natural and human, Alibunar is a development-oriented municipality with an active self-government and clear strategic direction.

The Municipality of Ruma

Ruma Municipality is located in Vojvodina, in the middle of plain and fertile Srem. Apart from Ruma, which is an administrative and economic centre of the municipality, there are 16 village settlements. Along with agriculture, several other branches of economy are developed, and local self-government actively works on their enhancement.